R & D

Innovation is the power for company development. The purpose of R&D is research new concerned products and improve the quality & cost for our existing products, which keep the company continual development.

A modern R&D center (four laboratories) has been built in 2005, which possess advanced equipments such as pint-sized reactors, which sizes are from 0.5L to 2L, the reaction pressure range can be varied from 0 to 12MPa. Besides, a multifunctional pilot workshopwith state-of-the-art facilities to perform high-pressure Hydrogenation, Esterification, Nitration etc reactions. It has a building area of 600m2 and reactors range from 50L to 1000L to produce quantities about hundreds of kilograms.

The R&D term has a number of young dynamic graduates from chemical or pharmaceutical universities and institutes, which assures the speed and efficiency for research and development.